Church of The Nativity, Bethlehem
Photos by John Miranda
Prohm Apsaras by Kenneth Parker 66 / REBLOG
Borobudur, Indonesia
God’s Eye View by The Glue Society
Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia
King Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus and tomb
Konark Sun Temple, India
Moai Statues of Easter Island
Photos by Michael Kenna
Ajanta Caves, India
These caves date back as early as 200 BC, and are known for their beautiful stonework, paintings, and architecture.  It is said that they were abandoned in the 7th century AD when Buddhism began declining all over India.  The caves are some of the oldest known Buddhist temples and shrines and are still considered sacred.  All interior spaces and architectural design, as well as statues and stonework on the walls were created by chiseling away at and removing rock from the mountainside.  Engineers today have no explanation as to how it was cut from the 70 foot high granite cliff over 2000 years ago. 

Christ The Redeemer | Rio de Janeiro
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